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Jackson Browne, Part 1

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Jackson Browne visited Santa Fe recently and needed a last minute gift…this is how it happened as told by Doug…

Jackson Browne was in Santa Fe for a benefit show at the Lensic Theatre (I, unfortunately, was not there).

During the post-show party, my friend Adelma Hnasko was talking to Jackson when he made the comment that he wished that he had time to go shopping before his early next day departure.  Seems he needed a gift for his father-in-law’s upcoming birthday and Jackson’s idea was a great belt buckle.

Adelma immediately thought ‘Doug Magnus’.

She left a message at 1:00am, but I didn’t hear it until the phone rang at 7:00am Sunday.  Adelma said that Jackson Browne needed to stop by on his way to the airport at 8:00am and was that ok?  Since I only live a few steps from my studio, I said “of course it’s ok”.

They arrived on time all red-eyed and somewhat rumpled.  We exchanged greetings and, though we had never met, I recalled to him a young lady he had dated in Santa Fe almost 20 years ago.  He was surprised, because he had mentioned her during the previous night’s show and nobody seemed to know her.

Shopping in my vault…

(to be continued)