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Jackson Browne Part 2


Shopping in my vault is an unusual experience…

Things are not arranged in a display, they are a riot of designs in various stages of production.  One searches to make sense of things.

Jackson was eager to seek out the right items for his rather older, yet ‘hip’ father-in-law.  I started with my more standard line of ranger buckles which are popular with the ‘distinguished’ set.

Not for Jackson…

He was cruising through my ‘Diamond Plate’ trophy buckles with turquoise, conchos, garrisons, and even considering the El Muerto skull buckles.  I was thinking hard as I often forget some styles, out of sight and out of mind.

Finally… I pulled a hidden tray containing the large tufacast serpent with turquoise head and rattles.  (This surprised me, since I had originally created this design with women’s fashion in mind).  Jackson assured me that it would work for the intended man.

I then remembered that one other man had bought this same design – Peter Fonda.

Jackson was pleased, and so was I.  I wrapped and boxed the buckle and Jackson wrote the check.  Adelma told me that he left town satisfied with his purchase and that his shopping experience was the real thing.

Thank you, Jackson!

Doug and Jackson at the Studio

Doug and Jackson at the Studio