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Doug’s paintings in fashion shoot


Three of Doug’s wonderful paintings have been selected for the Western and English fashion spread to be published August 23rd.

Mary's Bar

Mary's Bar

“We wanted colorful and iconic background images for this photo presentation” says Western and English fashion photographer Michael Neese, of Studio Seven Productions in New Mexico.

“Doug’s paintings deliver a message quickly, with no confusion. In fact we liked the way this worked so much, we are preparing a proposal for using a certain up and coming actress, that is now filming here in New Mexico, for a major shoot using only Doug’s paintings as backgrounds. Though his range of subject matter is personal, he speaks to all of us in an ‘x-cultural iconix existential post-SantaFe/euro-landgrant’ style.”

Doug disagrees about the assessment of his painting style, but is willing to allow them to use his paintings.

Here is a sample of the fashion spread…

Here are some of the original paintings….before editing and alterations…
Mary's Bar Original