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My Dear Friends…Doug & Carol

Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra

This is a letter from one of our clients…
My Dear Friends…Doug and Carol,

If you had been with me last evening when I opened your package…a cold winter’s night, with snow clinging beautifully to the evergreens, trunks and limbs of the trees, and softly spread througout the grounds…having just come in…quite late in the evening from a Board Meeting for “Room in the Inn”…so many who are needy without food, or a warm place to stay…an evening filled with such a range of emotion…from hope for those who felt so hopeless…to joy and gratitude of love shared by my two friends, Doug and Carol.

My journal entry last evening was quite easy, as I was breathing through my heart. Your letter was of such interest…your travels, continued success and “exploration” brought about by a spirit of humanity. The inspiration of “Plus-Ultra”…”Further Beyond…” HEARTLINE, in your address, is so appropriate, as you are so “heart-centered”. And I, the recipient, yes…one with a new heart, following open heart surgery…but a heart filled with gratitude…a heart that has been opened to the door of life’s glorious offerings. And to be honored with your first design created for “Plus-Ultra”…it shall be my symbol for continuing my “journey and exploration…further beyond”…further beyond any walls, barriers, challenges, or obstacles, opening the door of light and life.

I am reminded of Georgia O’Keeffe’s remarks, “Where I was born and where and how I lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.” Doug, you have taken our history to its pinnacle…bringing people and culture together as one.

As I was in Memphis, a sophomore at Memphis State University in the spring of 1968, I marched in the Sanitation Strike on April 3, 1968, the night before Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated; one who truly believed in non-violent protest. As our nation just celebrated this past Monday , Dr. Martin Luther King Day, his life, the soul, the legacy of one who “explored far beyond…Plus-Ultra”…I so remember his words the evening before his death…”From every mountainside, let freedom ring. When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed-up that day when all God’s children, black men, white men, Jews, Gentiles, Protestants, and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, ‘Free at Last…Free at Last…Thank God Almighty, We are Free at Last!’ Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop.” He had a dream…a man from the red hills of Georgia…to the March on Washington…to the impoverished streets of Memphis, Tennessee…a dream…”far beyond” what any of us could have imagined.

Doug and Carol. I’m wearing today, as I do everyday, my Santa Fe 400 Collection…quite a collection now…each work of artistry so meaningful…so precious…but today, I have gone a “step beyond”…adding the “Plus-Ultra” pendant, with all of its history…and “soul-full” symbolism. I shall creep no more, for I shall always soar! Your letter…your first design of “Plus-Ultra”…further beyond…the signed poster of your painting, “Santa Fe Alley”…take me to the “red hills”, as Dr. King would say, and to the “mountaintop” of “City Beautiful”…and to the beautiful people of “HEARTLINE”…Doug and Carol.

With grace, peace, and love,


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Mother Teresa