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Santa Fe “400” Collections

Santa Fe “400” Collections


Ok, so times have been better. Seems people are worried about money. Money makes our world go around, so I decided to make some money…literally. Years ago, one of my first real business ideas I thought about making money. I mean I wanted to start up my own mint. Making my own silver dollars coins, by hand, at my Santa Fe Mint.
That was back in the 1970s and I thought it was a good idea then and an even better idea now.  Recently, inspired by the fact that Santa Fe is celebrating its 400th Anniversary, i decided to make something to help celebrate this historic occasion.  What better than a medallion or coin with all the right symbols, number and messages in silver. Now, I have set about to create this commemoration, and complete my original dream.
The first pieces for this project will be handmade and reflect on Santa Fe’s unique status as America’s oldest city.  (Of European origin, even though ancient Native American villages preceded.)  I don’t expect to make much money doing it, but I think the coinage will be beautiful and even more valuable in a way, than money.

This brings me to this point!

What price can you put on A Dream?

I mean, it’s times like these that put money to the test.  My core philosophy of life is that it’s only make-believe. And I say that recent economic events prove that.  We have been living in a world where everyone seems to have believed in the value of the dollar.

But what is it?  Pieces of paper with numbers on them.

So long as everybody agrees that a dollar has value, mysterious though that be, then okay, we carry on, believing.  But now, our confidence is shaken.  The money house of cards has fallen.  Our government seems to reassure “no problem”, we will issue trillions to restore confidence!”

Well I for one am not a great economist, but I have to wonder where these trillions come from and what is the TRUE VALUE of our dollars?  It seems to me that it will be some time before we find the confidence to believe in the value of our money again.

And in the meantime, I will continue to mint my own silver coins and bullion jewelry.  Their value as money may only be make-believe but their value as a beautiful dream come true is something you can truly believe in!